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    yeah I know
    I was thinking about it a lot lately and I am still confused
    I want to reveal it perfectly but I do not want how to do it though
    well, I thought of telling the truth when my baby is 20 because I feel like this is a reasonable age when the person is fully prepared to understand my words, don't you think the same?
    but I just want to feel like I am building my family with no secrets although the proper education also means this understanding of then to tell truth to your child and when to hide it for some time because your kid is not prepared for it yet
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    Hi, ladies.. just wanted to tell that I was thinking about that too.. I mean telling your child about his/her being born through ivf or surrogacy is not an easy task.. but still I don't think that some certain age can be defined to do this. Everything depends on how you explain this. 20 may be a bit late sometimes. There's so many people around us who would wish to help and tell that for us.. and that may result in much worse situation and big conflict.
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    maybe 16? I was thinking about the right age when a child is already a person and has the right to vote and to drink, basically to decide for himself. so I was thinking about 20 years. well, I am all for it - to not keep it as a secret so you should be ready to reveal the truth and answer all of the questions. as for me it is a good thing that in Ukraine it is impossible to meet your donor and you have no connection to her and she is as far from you as she can be. it makes everything easier so the baby of mine won't have the opportunity to meet with her as to be quite honest that scares me. as in biotexcom they totally forbid you to see the donor except for the photos and videos in the base, that;s it. and I know that my baby would want to see the women who donated her eggs and helped us with having him. do you think it is ok that I feel this way???
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    Thank you a lot, xeniamo! I am going to add this link to my other web-sites that I am constantly visiting these days. I am definitely worried a lot, and I hope that this is ok and understandable because you have to at least think about what you’ve been though and what you’ve done. My pregnancy is not the result of some coincidence it was planned and the plan was carefully brought to life not only by me but by other professionals.

    And maybe I am the only one but I really think that it is one of the strongest proofs of my love to the child I am bearing, don’t you think so too?

    But I have to think about how to present the miracle of ART to my baby when he’s ready!
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    Hi sweety! Thank you so much for your kind words. You are totally right, looking back I remember myself being a lil unstable. I was scared of doing something new and of doing nothing at the same time. And yeah, it took me lots of nervous moments but it's all in the past.
    I'm so happy that I can't sometimes believe that this happens for real.
    I'm so sorry for your mc...don't know the words for comforting you, I'm just really sorry. but fortunately you became a mother of twins. well done!
    I get your position, it makes sense. I don't know now whether I'll teel my children about egg donor or not. I think I'll know the right way when the time comes.
    Sending lots of love to your family xxx
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    Probably the best thing to do here is to go for the consultation with a specialist and see what he advises you. and us all. like whether your child is ever going to be ready to face the truth or not. I honestly think that we should be open with our kids but this is debatable
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