what's the meanest thing somebody's said to you

Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by fuzzykitten, Apr 17, 2009.


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    I commend you on your BIG heart - 5 kids is a lot. How do you manage it all!! You must be super mom :flower:

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    Yes, because us infertiles are just lurking around parks waiting to snatch up unsuspecting children....the nerve :flower:

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    You should shave her head and check for 666
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    Aside from the usual, a friend of mine had been TTC for about 6 weeks, she knew we'd been trying for a year at the time, and told me, "I'll be so mad if you get pregnant before me." Seriously! I din't say anything, which was WAY nicer than what I was thinking.

    I'm wondering if miraculous pregnancy stories are like miraculous coma patient stories. Everyone has heard about someone being in a coma for years then waking up just fine one day. The reality is if you are in a coma for longer than a few days, you are probably not waking up. No one ever talks about that. Just like no one ever talks about the couple that tries everything to have a baby and gives up. But everyone's aunt, sister, or know-it-all friend has heard of the couple that tries everything, gives up, and then gets pregnant. And since they've heard it, that MUST be how it works for everyone.

    Yeah, there are days I want to punch people.

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    Wow---what a crazy thing for your friend to say.
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    I remember reading this when it was posted, and I thought that the poster's response was cruel and unspportive. I hope that you are doing well!
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    Yea, I always laughed when people just assumed I wanted to hold their baby or babysit. Wth?!
    Anyway, comment that made me most upset was, " aren't you playing God with those treatments"?
    Well wouldn't you know, they didn't work so apparently God didn't want me to conceive at that time anyway.
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    "It will happen when it is supposed to happen!" (Give me a break and just quit talking)

    "Your young, you have plenty of time."
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    Hands down the meanest or most hurtful thing someone said to me was my older sister. She was pregnant and asked if she could use the girl name I had picked out and I quote "Since you can't have kids anyway."

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    WOW :grr: :grr:
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    we have been ttc for about 2 years - i had a miscarrage and have been on drugs ever since
    dumbest things people say to me is
    -- you will be ok - of course all my friends that have kids say that
    -- just relax and give up you will get pregnant - yeah right
    -- stand on your head when you get done having sex -
    --you can always try again - keep in mind i am 39
    --why are you so angry - idk maybe you should pump your body full of extra hormones and see how you feel

    i feel like i should just stay home and not talk or tell anyone about anything that has to do with ttc

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    The meanest thing someone ever said came from my sister

    The meanest thing someone ever said to me, came from my sister. She knew that my husband and I have been ttc for over two years through IVF and have not been successful. Last year we moved to a less expensive area and bought a new (much larger) home (a home bigger than hers). The first time my sister came to see our house, she was walking through the upstairs and she said, "What the hell do you need all these bedrooms for? You two better start getting busy if you are ever going to fill them."

    My sister has always been a very jealous person and takes pleasure if my misfortune, but I think that day she hit an all time low.
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    one of the meanest thing an old lady(grandma kind) mentioned to me when i was in my husband s hometown in last vacation was that,"i thought u would come with a good news this time,nothing again!!!Ohh,u have been married for 8years,i think u should stop enjoying your life as couple and think seriously of having a kid..."

    TTc for last 5yrs...
    #6 failed IVFs,wat a joke...
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    I work at a hospital, and when I had a miscarriage after my IVF, I was waiting to register for my D&C. I saw a nurse I see everyday, while in the waiting room. She sat and listened to my story and comforted me for 20 minutes. Ever since that day, and even now, when I see her, she calls me "Mama". It cuts me to the bone. I know it's just extreme stupidity, but really?
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    When I first heard the doctor say that my DH had no sperm and we had zero chance of concieving naturally I was in shock and felt like I got punched in the stomach. i called my best friend at the time (since high school ) and told her. She replied that she has started clomid a few months back and that she had ovulated this month so there is still hope for her. Yup. She now has a 2 year old and we haven't spoken in 3 years.

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