Yoga for fertility

Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by XOXO, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. XOXO

    XOXO New Member

    I posted in a different forum and did not get any answer. So i am postinga gain. Sorry to repeat again.

    has anyone tried this Yoga DVD from Amazon -

    Restoring Fertility by Drs. Brandon Horn, PhD, LAc (FABORM) and Wendy Yu PhD LAc (FABORM).

    I am debatting whether to buy this dvd or yoga dvd from Pulling down the Moon.

    Has anyone tried either of these DVD's. Please share your thoughts...which one is better?

  2. Fullofhope2

    Fullofhope2 New Member

    Not he DVD, but was also tempted to

    Have tried actual classes, restorative, not just yoga for fertility as it tends to be pricey in Canada!

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