What Are 11 Facts About IVF That I Should Know About?

Here are 11 great facts about IVF. We hope they help!

  1. How long has this procedure been around? On July 25, 1978, the first baby conceived using the IVF procedure was born in Manchester, England. Her name is Louise Joy Brown.
  2. General cost in the U.S. for one cycle is $12,000-$17,000.
  3. Success Rate: In the U.S., the probability of one round of IVF being successful is around 30-40%.
  4. Oldest woman: The oldest woman to give birth as a result of IVF was 72 at the time. Her name is Daljinder Kaur, and she gave birth in 2016 to a baby boy.
  5. Insurance Coverage: Some states require health care providers to offer counseling and fertility treatments. As of January 2017, the VA officially offers fertility counseling and treatment.
  6. A Multiples Pregnancy: People believe that there is a higher risk of a multiples pregnancy if you elect to do IVF. That’s not necessarily true. Carefully consider if you would like the doctor to transfer multiple embryos for your specific situation.
  7. Tubal or ectopic pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy is extremely dangerous. If an ectopic pregnancy is undetected, the result could be fatal. There is a higher risk for this type of occurrence with IVF. 
  8. Acupuncture: There is research that links successful IVF treatment with acupuncture. Some research implies that there’s a definite link, other research says there is none. However, it won’t harm your chances, and it might just relax you. Worth a shot?
  9. Sleep: Not getting enough sleep can reduce your chances of success by 10%. Relax, catch some Zzzz’s. That may also alleviate some of your normal day-to-day stress, too!
  10. You can choose Boy or Girl: Yes, for a small fee (around $1,000), the doctor may be able to perform a procedure called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). So, can people with the fiscal means now choose to have a blue-eyed athletic male with natural musical ability? No, the science isn’t quite there.
  11. Emotional Investment: Most couples who have come to the point where they need to consider IVF are at a fragile place as it is. Be prepared for yet another roller coaster ride, and give yourselves room to be emotional at this stage of the game. Planning to visit a relationship counselor may help as you move forward in this journey.