What Are 3 Things That Will Actually Help You Get Pregnant?

Getting pregnant is often a frustrating process for many prospective parents. For some, it comes easily and by surprise. For others, it requires medical intervention. But before seeking out fertility professional, there are some things to try at home. 

  1. RELAX.

This is probably the most difficult thing to do, especially as a woman who wants to get pregnant, but there is a reason why many advise to just relax and let the body do what it does. The stress hormones affect the hypothalamus. That’s the gland that regulates things like emotions and appetite. It also happens to be the same part of the body that tells the eggs to release for possible fertilization. And this is true for any kind of stress–not just the negative. Even stress about positive things (vacations, weddings, etc.) can throw off the female body. 

While the body will acclimate to some levels of stress (for example, some high stress occupations still report women with healthy ovulation), finding a new way to release stress can be incredibly helpful in both conceiving and in mental and emotional well-being while you wait. While there is some research that stress also impacts male productivity to consider, the biggest contributors in men seem to be semen quality.

So everyone benefits from learning to relax a bit. Start some nightly yoga. Create a date night. Journal. Work out. Whatever your outlet, find some way to vent the stress. At the very least, it could improve libido, which could improve the chances of pregnancy!

  1. Consider Tracking At Home

There are lots of apps available for free that can help women track their cycles to find their most fertile days. Some women experience a natural uptick in libido during their most fertile days, but many don’t notice any changes during ovulation. Sometimes tracking can add to stress. Sometimes it can add to peace of mind. So if you know yourself, this can be an at home help before enlisting a professional.

  1. Guaifenesin

This sounds a bit unusual, but 7 of the 10 nurses I interviewed all suggested women take this over-the-counter medicine while trying to conceive. Guaifenesin is an over the counter cough remedy. It controls coughing by thinning mucus. The logic is that it also thins hostile cervical mucus, which may help sperm get through to the egg more easily. While it’s anecdotally helpful for women when taken before ovulation, there are some limited studies to show it may help men as well. Since so many factors may affect fertility, there are more studies needed, but in most cases, it couldn’t hurt. (And it may just help clear up a pesky cough too!) Of course, talk with your doctor before taking any medicine.