What Are 5 Facts About Artificial Insemination That You Didn’t Know About?

Well first, let’s start with what is artificial insemination? Artificial insemination is the process of injecting sperm into a woman’s vagina. Since I am writing this from my personal experience, I will tell you it from my perspective, not as an expert. I did however do a little research in preparation for this article. However, if you need medical help, seek a professional; don’t take my words as medical advice.

  1. Depending on your situation you could use your partner’s sperm or a donor sperm. I know when we personally went through it we used a donor sperm because my husband’s sperm count was too low to use. We used an “unknown” donor sperm. Meaning we chose sperm from a sperm bank. You could also use a donor that you know, meaning someone you know donates his sperm, and that sperm is used. Just make sure you are comfortable with your choice before you make it. You either have to be comfortable using someone you know, or you have to be comfortable using a “stranger.”
  2. The actual process is rather quick and painless. I would compare it to getting a pap smear. There is a little sharp pain that occurs, similar to the uncomfortable feeling during a routine pap smear. Every situation and circumstance is different, but I would suggest having someone go with you. Not because you need someone to drive you or someone to hold your hand because it hurts, but because it is a very emotional experience. If you are choosing artificial insemination because of infertility issues, it makes the process a little more emotional. Out of the three times we tried it, my husband was able to go to two of the appointments. I will say, though, that I was sad to be at the last appointment by myself.
  3. Taking fertility drugs may be necessary. This may include taking clomid or injectables to help release your eggs. If that is the case, be prepared for major mood swings. Of course these drugs affect everyone differently, but personally I had major mood swings and hot flashes. So, just be prepared and talk with your doctor about each of the drugs’ side effects.
  4. Rest. Rest right after the procedure. I think my “wait” time after the actual injection was about 20 minutes. But let your body rest the couple days following the injection as well. Your body basically had something “foreign” happen to it; it will need time to adjust.
  5. Take time for yourself. If you are going through artificial insemination due to infertility reasons, this is a hard time in your life. You need to find time for yourself. Take an extra day off of work. Get a massage. Spend the day with your spouse. Just remember that this is a hard process, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Remember it is okay to have “bad” days. It is okay to cry. It is okay to be mad. But if for any reason it is “too” much to handle, contact a professional.